Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning finally arrived! There is nothing quite like feeding your precious baby in the glow of your Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Simply magical!
We put her down in front of the tree and let her go to town! She just kind of played with the presents at first and then grabbed one and started ripping at the paper! It seemed like she wasn't her normal happy self. Still happy, but not AS happy as she normally is first thing in the morning. She had a slight temp so we gave her some tylenol and just let her open/play with her presents at her own pace.

Daddy showing her how to play with the fridge toy we picked out for her

Helping me open my present from Andrew- a photo printer!

Helping daddy open his present from us- a bike trailer for her to ride in!

She was getting really overwhelmed with everything and we could tell she wasn't feeling well so we put her down for a long morning nap. I caught this pic of Andrew playing with his new toy! He was so excited about it!

We gave the boys their stockings to "open".

They immediately went to town and ripped open the treat bag and played with their new toys. I love including the cats in Christmas!

Reese got up and I gave her a bottle and then we changed her into some cooler clothes b/c that girl was burning up!

She was much more interested in playing with the packages the toys came in instead of the toys themselves!

That poor baby just didn't feel good, and she let us know it!

I "made" us grilled cheese and soup for lunch. Reese had mummums and yummy yogurt.

Reese continued to go downhill the rest of the day. Her fever kept going up and she kept getting fussier so we did our best to keep her cooled off and happy. That involved lots of holding and cuddling which we were more than happy to do for her. She had an early bedtime that night. My parents and Abby and Will came over that night. We cooked some dinner and played some games and then called it a night! Santa was coming back to our house for round 2!

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