Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve

Ok! I am finally going to attempt to blog the most wonderful Christmas ever! I was so blessed to be off Christmas Eve and Day to be with my family for my baby's first Christmas! I am lucky to have a job that takes being a new mommy into account when making the schedule! On Christmas Eve we got all dressed up to head to Azle to spend the day with Andrew's family. I had so much fun dressing Reese up in her little Christmas dress. Little miss had some rosy cheecks that day, which ended up being a precursor to her first cold! :(
We took a few family pictures by the tree before heading out.

Reese with Grammee and Papa

She loved these little dancing penguins.

Cousin pic! Can't believe there are 5 now!

After a delicious lunch of chicken salad croissants and lots of chips and dips, it was time to open some presents! Reese dove right in and went to town!

She got this awesome learning walker from Grammee and Papa and has loved playing with it!

Josh showing her how to work the ball popper toy she got from the Sneads.

Playing with her cute little pots and pans set.

She was not crawling yet, but sure was trying! She's trying to go steal little Emily's present!

I had SOOO much fun just sitting with her watching her open her presents! She really loved pulling tissue paper out of bags.

Look at that sleepy baby sitting in her daddy's lap! Grammee was reading some books to the kids.

We were able to make it to the 6pm service at our church. I was hoping to get to the 4pm one since Reese goes to bed at 7, but we didn't even leave Azle until 4. We chose to sit in the back in case we needed to make an emergency exit to the crying room. I just didn't want to put her in the nursery on Christmas! I wanted her with us! She did soooo good! We had to do lots of distracting with crackers, books, toys etc. She was OBSESSED with the candles though. We had one that hadn't been lit yet so we let her play with it and she would NOT quit licking it! Once we all stood up to light our candles and sing Silent Night she went a little wild. She wanted to eat the paper thingy that came on the candle and disintegrated it within a minute so we had to confiscate it. She was NOT happy about that and started hollering so we opted to not light our candles and just sway in the back with her.

Once we got home we did a few little traditions that I could not WAIT to do. This was when the magical feeling of Christmas really started to overcome me. It brought me back to when I was little! We had her open some Christmas PJ's from us and put out some milk and cookies for Santa. I can't wait to do even more next year like write him a letter and put out food for the reindeer!

Opening her pj's...

Reese and I posing in our Christmas jammies!

She was so intrigued by the cookies! She kept grabbing them and throwing them! I made my Gramma Pulver's sugar cookie recipe that I make every year. It doesn't feel like Christmas without them!

We fed her her night time bottle and tucked her in. Then Santa came!!! I busied around making sure the house was perfect for the next morning! The boys were very interested in the presents under the tree. I hadn't put any out yet since I knew they would be completely demolished by the time Christmas rolled around!

Andrew and I made homemade pizza and watched some shows on tv! It was a very relaxing night!

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