Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Day Again!

So apparently Santa made 2 stops at our house this year! Probably b/c one very good little girl lives here!
The morning started off pretty rough. Lots of crying, the first runny nose of her life, and more tylenol for her fever. Reese refused to take a bottle from Auntie Babs and only wanted mommy. We ended up stripping her down to her diaper and that was honestly what helped the most. That and putting on her new Baby Noah dvd which she watched without blinking in my lap. Once she was in bed for her morning nap we decided to open presents so that when she got up we could all just focus on her.
Sisters in front of the tree with Jack and Mr Lilly. Apparently Mr Lilly needed a bath at that time Jack thought.

"Kids" in front of the tree

Reese is awake now and VERY refreshed after her nap! No fever and ready to open presents!

Modeling the cute hat front Will's mom and frame.

My little bow baby...

Reading one of her new books

Of course Aunt Kelly got her some bangles which she LOVED!

I love this face!!!! Melt my heart!

Playing with her Laugh and Learn Door from Nanny and Grampa!

She's a little monkey and likes to do stuff with her feet!

Playing with the basketball hoop from Auntie Babs and Unkie WiiWii

Grampa got Nanny and Reesie matching shirts! So cute!

We cooked a brisket for 4 hours and had that with green bean casserole, holiday potatoes, and homemade rolls! Soooo good!

I wish that Reese hadn't been sick, but I am so thankful that I was off work so that I could take care of my sweet baby while she didn't feel good! I still think she had a fun time though! We ended up taking her to the pedi that next week where it was determined that she had something viral that was almost out of her system. She is back to her normal happy self now! We are so thankful! All in all, Reese's first Christmas was our best Christmas yet!

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